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Initial meeting to assess business requirements


Full assistance in creating digital bank


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Professionals in the industry

Discover a new way of launching digital bank or classical bank

Individual service and support

Bank Boutique provides assistance with launching a digital bank or classical bank and providing banking solutions in line with your needs and desires. But that’s by no means all that our individual service can offer: our professional lawyers will continue helping and supporting you with any questions related to your banking requirements even after a completion of the process to ensure the success of your bank by assigning a personal VIP manager to you.

Bank Boutique opens doors for international expansion by providing banking licenses that will help businesses to open and expand in new countries.
Bank Boutique’s purpose is to act as a point of contact for clients and provide them with all necessities to launch a digital bank or classical bank. Our experts will provide a consultation regarding appropriate jurisdiction for your business.

License obtaining

Crown of Bank Boutique

Bank Boutique that meets your requirements. It reflects the same focus and attention that goes into every step of Bank Boutique and keeps our clients satisfied. Our lawyers are ready to provide excellent service in licensing of digital or classic banks.

Bank Boutique provides assistance in obtaining financial licenses worldwide and establishing your bank by choosing the best jurisdiction that complies with your requirements.

License obtaining stages


Application Submission


Pre-application and meeting with regulator


Documents preparation


Initial Discussion






value of Bank Boutique

Bank Boutique provides a comprehensive solutions for launching Bank from scratch. All services provided by our legal and business experts together with wide network of our partners builds your business on a strong basis — started from company registration, financial license obtaining, recruitment, office rent, branding, accounting, bank account opening and finished by IT software’s integration to your business.


Crown of Bank Boutique

It is integrated into everything we do and in all the products we design, Bank Boutique brand is underpinned by honesty and integrity on the part of all our employees. By acting in accordance with national and international laws and regulations, internal guidelines and voluntary commitments, we always repay the considerable trust shown in our brand by our customer.


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