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A new service from Bank Boutique and a new chapter of performance for banking business has arrived, with an exclusive range of products that are as multi-sensory as top-of-the-range banks in the world.  These incomparable services are engineered, designed, and meticulously hand-made for the ultimate solution for your bank.

Bank Boutique is a secure single platform where you can get an assistance with obtaining financial licenses. Bank Boutique offers the possibility to launch, buy or sell a ready-made bank. Unique platform that combines all solutions. The fact that our team works globally only proves our willingness to support your limitless ambitions.  

Our lawyers and professionals specialize in  obtaining licenses and banking services for clients in the USA, Asia, Canada, Middle East and more. Our partners are leaders in the industry, creating the most unique service of it’s kind.

Now, Bank Boutique is ready to assist you in your expansion ambitions.

Tatjana Stasjuka


Tatjana Stasjuka, owner and CEO, fintech female entrepreneur with extensive international, multilanguage company and 18 years of experience in banking.

Tatjana is a perfectionist who is never content with the second-best solution. Work ethic and ambition from working in leading legacy banks.

Experience running successful international payment gateway Universepay that revealed the need for a better solution for banking expansion and services. 

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